‘Shocking’, says Bishops’ body on NCW’s recommendation to abolish confession in churches; Union Minister Alphons rejects it

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A Kerala Bishops body has termed the National Commission for Womens (NCW) recommendation to the abolish the practice of confession in churches, as shocking, saying that it stands in the way of religious freedom. This came a day after NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma had said that such church confessions With women, they can sexually exploit them. But with men, they could blackmail them for money. So this confession should go from the churches. This demand by the Commission betrays a total lack of understanding of nature, meaning, sanctity and importance of this Sacrament for our people; and also an ignorance of the strict laws of the Church to prevent any abuse, A probe by a central agency has also been requested by the NCW into these scandals as incidents are on a rise in Kerala, and how many churches are involved in these incidents. While in a Press Conference Kerala Catholic Bishops Council president Archbishop Soosa Pakiam said that NCWs recommendation violates the religious freedom vested by the Constitution of the country. Confession is an integral part of the Christian faith and the priest who hears the confession is only a representative of God and it is the God who absolves the sins of a person, he said while also terming NCWs recommendation as The recommendation has also drawn criticism from Leader of Opposition in Kerala Assembly, Ramesh Chennithal. He said the NCW should have never made such statement, The Commission should not have abruptly come to such a report, However, Union Minister from Kerala Alphons Kannanthanam said on Friday that the central government has rejected the recommendation stating that it would never interfere in religious beliefs of people. Kannanthanam, Minister of State for Tourism, posted on Facebook, The Union Government has no connection with the stand taken by the NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma. It is a personal opinion of Rekha Sharma. Reacting to which the Bombay Archbishop said in a statement,