Watch: How a police vehicle was rescued by crane after it got stuck in flooded road

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With heavy rains continue to lash several parts of the country, authorities in Kanpur had to face an embarrassing situation showing the waterlogging problem in the city. A police vehicle got stuck on water-logged road following which a crane had to be called in for the rescue operation. Here is the video:- #WATCH: A police vehicle was rescued by a crane after it got stuck in a flooded road in Kanpur. (02.08.18)\/80RmKttCiN Bareilly in the state has received the most amount of rain with 132 mm, followed by Lucknow and West Bengals Kalimpong. As per the state governments release, as many as 12 people lost their lives due to heavy rain and lightning strikes since last 24 hours in the state. As many as 34 houses were damaged since the start of Monsoon season this year. UP Chief minister Yogi Adityanath had also asked officials of all the districts to alert people. He also asked senior officials to tour extensively in the state and identify dilapidated buildings and get them vacated if needed. He had also asked officials to provide immediate help to people affected by rains.