Forget whisky, rum, breezer, soft drinks! Here come Mahua, tribal drinks; check Modi government’s big plan

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With an aim to popularise and increase visibility of authentic tribal products, including, mahua, tribal drinks and staples such as tamarind and amla, the Centre is mulling to brought those products and sell it in the open market across the country. Tribal Affairs Ministry has planned to bottle he traditional tribal drink mahua and sell it, according to Indian Express report. In a first, the ministry will be involved into bottling and sale of alcoholic beverages Krishna said that mahua will be sold as a mildly-alcoholic drink. TRIFED has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with IIT-Delhi in this regard. Earlier this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched Tribal Affairs Ministry Rs 500-600 crore has been enmarked for nation-wide programme and the entire marketing plan will be carried out under this scheme. It will focus on tamarind brick making, mahua flower storage facility and chironjee cleaning and packaging, According to the report, products will include handicrafts, textiles, food items, jams and pulps, and jewellery. Milk sold as milk wouldn But if you turn it into yoghurt, ice-cream, desserts, the income increases manifold. That