Yamuna flood alert: Water level stays above danger mark in Delhi, over 10,000 evacuated

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The water level at the Yamuna river continues to remain above the danger mark on Tuesday. As per an official, the water level of the river was measured at 206.03 metre at 9 am today, which was above the danger mark of 204.83 metre. He also expressed hope that the water level will decrease if rainfall does not take place. 03 m, much above danger mark of 204.83 metre . Discharge of water from Hathini Kund Barrage was 24,992 cusecs today, it was about 5 lakh cusecs on 28 July. Hopefully,water level will dip if rainfall doesnt take place. In the meantime, the relief operations continue in Delhi, with the government setting up tents and distributing food to those who were rescued from the settlements on the floodplains. On Monday, about 37,976 cusecs was discharged from the Hathnikund Barrage. The water level on Saturday evening was 205.30 metres. As per reports, at least 10,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying areas. In was in 1978 that the highest water level was recorded at the bridge which was 207.49 metres. According to Delhi Disaster Management Authority, it was 207.11 metres in 2010 and 207.32 metres in 2013. The Haryana government has also said that the situation is likely to improve in the near future. Officials said that 37,976 cusecs was released from the Yamunanagar districts Hathnikund Barrage at 11 am on Monday, compared to six lakh cusecs on Saturday evening. The state government, after anticipating that the water may surround some areas, shifted over three dozen families from Dhani Asadpur to safer places. More than 30 villages were put on alert in Yamunangar. Haryana Revenue Minister Captain Abhimanyu said that the state government was keeping an eye an eye on the pattern of clouds so as to to avoid any risks and make preparations.