NRC Assam draft: List is impartial, no need to panic, says Rajnath Singh

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Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said the draft National Register of Citizens for Assam is completely impartial and those whose names are not included should not panic as they will get an opportunity to prove their Indian citizenship. The home ministers reaction came after the draft NRC was published today with the names of about 40 lakh residents of the state not being included. No coercive action will be taken against anyone. Hence, there is no need for anyone to panic. This is a draft and not the final list, he told reporters here. Even someone whose name is not in the final list can approach the foreigners tribunal, Singh said. Some people are unnecessarily trying to create an atmosphere of fear. I want to assure all that there is no need for any apprehension or fear. Some misinformation is also being spread. The NRC process has been done impartially, he said. Assam NRC Final Draft List Live updates Singh said some people may not have been able to submit necessary documents and they will get full opportunity through the claims and objections process. The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a list of Assams citizens and it is being updated following a direction of the Supreme Court. The home minister said only after the disposal of claims and objections, the final NRC will be published and even after the final NRC, every person will get an opportunity to approach the foreigners tribunal. This means that even those whose names do not figure in the final NRC will get an opportunity to approach the tribunal. There is no question of any coercive action against anyone, he said. The home minister said the NRC process is being carried out with complete fairness and transparency and it has been monitored by the Supreme Court. The much-anticipated final draft of the NRC was published today with 2.9 crore names out of the total 3.29 crore applicants in Assam.