Don’t get swayed away by infinite distractions: CJI Dipak Misra to budding lawyers, judges

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Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra today asked budding lawyers and judges not to get swayed away by the infinite distractions that come their way and suggested them to deal with such situations courageously. He was addressing law students at the sixth convocation of the National Law University here. You are required to develop an attitude not to get swayed away by the infinite distractions that come your way. Remain firm and courageous, CJI Misra told the students. The role of a legal professional is that of a community builder and a society protector. A versatile lawyer must also have an attitude of service. Your attitude of service shall subserve the purpose of the court, that is, serviceability of the institution, he said. He said it was important for budding lawyers to familiarise themselves with the undercurrents of various social diversities and disparities that divide society. Unless you do it, you will find it difficult to mature in your role either as a lawyer or as an administrator. Without having a comprehensive and pragmatic understanding of social realities, you may not be able to correlate law and social impulses, he said. The CJI said the welfare of people is the supreme law and hoped that the newcomers would move up the scale of their profession by taking deprived sections of society along. You are the crusaders for change in the drive towards equal rights, liberty and justice. You are going to be contributors to the process of imparting justice to the people at large. Always devote some time in your capacity as lawyers for the wellbeing of the underprivilege.Welfare of the people is the supreme law. Scaling up in your profession by taking deprived sections of society along with you will give a sense of satisfaction. which will be a far more greater achievement, the CJI said. He asked the students to foster high ambitions to enter the legal hall of fame and have lots of courage to translate their dreams into reality. You should cultivate the quality of clarity of thought and intellectual vigour. These are primary qualities that budding lawyers must strive to attain, he said. The CJI also said that while witnessing the conferment of awards during the convocation, he was slightly perplexed by how the young minds have worked. We cannot these young minds can grow, aspire and get it. If you look at history, John Keats died at the age of 26 and who can forget his poems. Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment at 26, Mahavir Jain approximately at 25 plus, Shankaracharya, who had written so much, died at 32. The great poet Lord Byron died at 36. So, age does not matter. The young can teach the old. I am prepared to be taught by the degree holders today, he said.