Why gunpoint robbery of hair worth Rs 60 lakh is a big deal for this Delhi wigmaker

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Jahangir Hussain – who owns a factory in outer Delhis Nangloi – was robbed by a group of seven men at gunpoint, resulting in a loss of Rs 60 lakh. Hussains factory was dominated by wigs of three colours – Chestnut brown, dark auburn and bleach blonde, but the robbers fled with 230 kg of wigs, leaving only dark black wigs stacked in a carton behind. The robbery continued for 25 minutes as Hussain and his younger brother Tajuddin were taken on gunpoint. Hussain told the Indian Express that the wigs are worth more than Rs 60 lakh. He said that people think that wigs are cheap but it costs a fortune to make them. It had taken multiple trips from Hussain to Tirupati temple to buy donated hair from their local supplier to get enough raw hair to stitch the wigs. He even had to take a loan of Rs 12 lakh to match the cost. People think wigs are cheap but they cost a fortune to make. I bought around 120 kg of donated hair from Tirupati last month and spent Rs 25,000 for a single kg of raw hair. I had to borrow Rs 12 lakh to cover the purchase cost, he was quoted as saying. The brothers hail from Assam They later set up a factory in 450 square metres where the brothers used to produce both remy bulk hair (wigs made using donated hair from Tirupati) and machine weft hair wigs, a superior quality product that undergoes several stages of washing and stitching to match the skin tone and hairline. Hussain said that more than 230 bottles were needed to wash 100 kg hair and breathe life into dead hair. The robbery came at the worst time possible for the brothers who had just taken the loan and were desperate for customers. To make things worse, Tajuddins 10-year-old daughters name has not featured in the NRC list. My daughter Several of our relatives We don