Adityanath’s Bakarid missive: No animal sacrifice in open, no blood in drains

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Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi has instructed police officials to ensure that no animal is sacrificed in the open during the celebrations of the upcoming Islamic festival of Bakarid. The chief minister has also asked the administration to ensure that blood and offal is not dumped in the open. The chief minister issued these instructions while speaking to police and administerial heads via video conference on Saturday, The Times of India reports. Adityanath asked officials to ensure that protected animals are not harmed so that the religious sentiments of other communities are not hurt. Speaking to the daily, Superintendent of police Omveer Singh said that Adityanath mainly addressed safety and security issues during his conversation. However, he also asked the authorities to ensure that animals are not sacrificed in open or in the areas which have people form various religions. The chief minister has asked to officials to be extra attentive in the areas where Kanwar Yatra is still on. The Bakrid festival will be celebrated on 22nd August. The police is taking special care in order to avoid any untoward incident.