Karnataka flood: ‘This is India!’ Kodagu earns Rahul Gandhi’s praise for working in harmony to help victims

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi today highlighted how people of all communities in a small town in rain-ravaged Karnatakas Kodagu were working together to help flood victims, describing communal harmony as the essence of India. Citing the example of Suntikoppa town in Kodagu of Karnataka, he shared a video where people were working together to help those in need and described the town as an oasis of hope. In Kodagu, Karnataka, massive floods have unleashed a trail of devastation. But amidst the gloom, heres a great story about an oasis of hope, a small town, Suntikoppa, where Shiv, Ram, Christ, Allah and the Buddha are working together to help those in need. This is India!, he tweeted. The Karnataka floods have claimed at least 12 lives and rendered hundreds homeless.