Chain snatching: This big step by Gujarat government may put an end to this crime

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The Gujarat government will bring an ordinance to amend Section 379 of the IPC to allow jail terms between seven to ten years for chain snatchers instead of a maximum punishment of three years at present, Minister of State for Home Pradeepsinh Jadeja said today. He said that the maximum jail term of three years handed out under section 379 of the Indian Penal Code at present was not proving effective in stopping cases of chain and purse snatching. He said that the state Cabinet under Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had approved the proposal to insert two new provisions in section 379 of the IPC to provide safety and security to people, especially women, as chain snatchers usually target them at public places. We will insert two new sub sections – 379(a) and 379(b) – in the IPC section 379 by bringing an ordinance. It will be sent to the Governor in the coming days for his approval Jadeja told reporters in Gandhinagar today. As per sub section 379(a), those found guilty of chain or purse snatching would face a minimum seven years of rigorous imprisonment which can go up to ten years, and a fine of Rs 25,000. An additional three years of jail would be awarded if the person injures the victim while trying to flee he said. As per sub section 379(b), if the chain snatcher kills or injures the victim in order to keep the stolen item with himself, he would face a minimum jail term of seven years, which can go up to ten years, along with a fine of Rs 25,000, the minister informed. As per the ordinance, those convicted for attempting to snatch chain or purse would face rigorous imprisonment for a minimum period of five years, which can go up to ten years, along with a fine of Rs 25,000, he said. At present, anyone found guilty under section 379 of the IPC gets a maximum jail term of three years. We feel that this punishment is not enough for chain snatchers, as they used to get bail very easily. The current provisions were not proving effective to control them he said. We believe that such stringent provisions (as per the ordinance) would prove detrimental to those who commit such crimes. These new provisions would also make it difficult for chain snatchers to get bail easily, Jadeja said.