Income tax officials to donate one day salary for relief efforts in flood-hit Kerala

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Income tax officials have decided to donate their one-day salary to aid the relief operations in flood-hit Kerala. The Indian Revenue Service Association (an all-India body) expresses its deep concern and empathy with the disaster affected people of Kerala facing unprecedented floods in the state, according to an official statement issued today. The statement said that all officers of the Indian Revenue Service (IRSS) Association will contribute at least one days salary towards the disaster relief for the affected people of Kerala. We hope that the people of Kerala will soon overcome the calamity, it said. Senior IRS officer Jayant Misra said that all officers have expressed solidarity with the people of Kerala and unanimously agreed to offer help in the humanitarian crisis. We request all other service associations to also contribute in the same way to help people of Kerala, said Mishra, Principal Commissioner of Income Tax and also the General Secretary of the association. There are about 5,000 IRS officers working across the country. In the worst deluge to have hit Kerala in a century, 231 people have lost their lives and 32 are missing in flood-related incidents since August 8. Also, nearly 14.50 lakh people from 3.91 lakh families have taken shelter in about 3,879 relief camps across the state.