Karnataka BJP MLA’s shocker on Kerala flood 2018: ‘Deluge happened due to open cow slaughter’

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Karnataka BJP MLA Basanagouda Patil Yatnal has stoked a controversy with his claim that the devastating Kerala flood occurred because people of the state openly slaughtered cows. Slaughtering cows against Hindu communitys feelings. One shouldnt hurt other religions feelings. See what happened to Kerala, they openly slaughtered cows and in less than one year came to this stage. Whoever hurts Hindu communitys feelings will be punished this way, the BJP MLA from Vijayapura assembly constituency said on Sunday, according to PTI reports. Yatnals bizarre statement came in reference to an incident in Kerala last year, where a group of men slaughtered a cow in the open, triggering a controversy. Yatnal said Hindus had sentiments attached to cows and that nobody should hurt others religious beliefs. He added that if the BJP comes to power in Karnataka, cow slaughter will be stopped. A few days ago, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha (ABHM) chief Swami Chakrapani triggered a controversy on similar lines. He had said that the devastating deluge in Kerala was a consequence of the people of insulted the cow and killed it, drawing major backlash. They used to cut up cows and eat it and distribute it. The way they insulted the cow and killed it, this is the consequence of that, Those who eat cow meat are the incarnation of the devil himself. If courts cannot probe cow killings, if governments cannot act against it, this is why the environment is reacting this way If you upset the natural environment, this is how it will react, This is not the first time that Yatnal has made such statements. The BJP MLA had said last month if he was the Home Minister, he would have the intellectuals shot dead as they worked for the human rights of terrorists and not the soldiers who laid down their lives to protect the country, according to reports. Earlier in June, a purported video of Yatnal instructing corporators to work only for Hindus, who have voted for him, and not for Muslims, has gone viral on social media. I had called all corporators and have told them that they should work for Hindus and not Muslims.who have voted for me in Bijapur, Yatnal is purportedly heard saying in the video, to which the crowd responded by saying Hindus. I had said no to Muslims initially.I had instructed my people that those with topi (cap)) and burkha should not come and stand in my office or beside me, he said.