Kerala Flood 2018: Let’s do more! Actor Jayaram’s emotional appeal through Facebook Live

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Sending out an emotional appeal through Facebook Live, actor Jayaram and his family urged people to come forward and contribute generously to various relief camps. The actor also thanked the Kerala police for rescuing his family, accommodating them in a police quarters and ensuring they had food supply. While driving to various reliefs camps after reaching Kerala, heres what the actor said through Facebook Live video: Ours is a family that was affected by the floods,as we were on our way from Chennai and our vehicle was just few meters away from the spot in Kuthiran where there was a landslide. It is the Kerala police that came to our rescue. Not just that, the Kerala police took us to their quarters, gave us food and it is now that we are back in the state, that we have started visiting various relief camps to distribute essential items to people. The actor added, I thank the police, the Home Minister, the Chief Minister, everyone – not just for rescuing me and my family, but also for their efforts in saving hundreds and thousands of people who have been affected by these floods. We went to Aluva UC college yesterday, with items like bread, water, biscuits and we urge more people. In a separate vehicle behind us, my son is also traveling with relief supplies to various camps. As I am the brand ambassador of the Ram Raj Mundu brand, they are sending out clothes for men and women to relief centres across Kerala, another friend is sending over a thousand mundus, everything will reach the affected areas tomorrow and we will be able to distribute it to people in relief camps, the actor stated. The actor urged people to donate food items, keeping in mind the needs of children in relief camps, Food items are finishing fast and so are essential items, particularly for children. Most food items for children is over. Please send something, be it food packets or anything that can children can eat. We have seen that there is a tremendous shortage for medicines as well. In my region, Thottuva, Perumbavoor and Vallam, there are thousands of people who are still stranded. Summing up, the actor made an emotional appeal once again through Facebook LIVE, In a way, none of these things need to even be said as we are seeing how everyone in Kerala is rising to the occasion. Now that the floods are receding, the impact will be felt more. We have been visiting several camps now and we know that more needs to be done as the impact is felt more right now and people are suffering, because of shortage of items.