Ooty road accident: 5 tourists killed; 2 rescued two days after car falls into gorge

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In a miraculous escape, two tourists were rescued alive in an unconscious state more than 48 hours after their car fell into a 500-foot gorge at Kalhatti near Ooty even as five others lost their lives in the accident. The seven tourists, hailing from Tuticorin, were reported missing since Tuesday afternoon after they started sightseeing trip leaving luggage in the hotel. The hotel staff alerted the police after the tourists didnt return till the next day. The police carried out a search and based on mobile phone signals traced the car in the gorge near a hairpin bend. The police said that they found five people dead and the two others unconscious. One of the two rescued, had been hospitalised in Udhagamandalam, while the other was taken to Mysuru. The victims had arrived here on September 30. The incident comes days after another miraculous escape was reported from nearby Bengaluru district when a child survived a road accident even after the bike kept moving in traffic with the child. The incident was recorded on the dash cam of another driver and the video of the same went viral on social media. Another such escape was reported from Mumbai when a girl fell out of a running train just when another local train passed by at high speed on the opposite track. However, the girl was somehow saved by the fellow passengers and pulled back inside the train. This incident was also recorded on camera and went viral on social media.