Meet ‘Brono’: Lalu Yadav’s three-month-old pet that has become a crowd-puller at 10, Circular Road

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So who is Borno and why no one can offer sweets to him? Brono is a three-month-old Labrador, a new pet in Lalu Ever since Borno was welcomed in the family a month ago, he has become the new centre of attention in the family and the party as well. The locals are so fond of him that an advertisement asking visitors not to offer him sweets has been placed at 10, Circular Road. RJD leaders say that Lalu who was on a provisional bail for last three month for a specialised treatment had developed a special bond with Borno. But unfortunately, he was not allowed to go near Lalu by the family members and party leaders, fearing this may cause infections. Brono tries to go near Laluji, but we dont allow it because it may lead to infections, He further explained that visitors were bringing sweets and other sugar-laden eatables for Brono every day which was causing problems for him. When Lalu noticed that Brono was eating sweets every day and this was affecting his health, he strictly ordered not to give sweets to the new pet. Later, it was decided to display Lalu After Lalu He now eats pedigree which is specially designed for dogs to give them all of the energy and nourishment.