WATCH: Cops beat protesting farmers in Madhya Pradesh’s Vidisha

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In yet another shocking incident that highlights the plight of farmers, two of them (father and son) were brutally thrashed by police in Madhya Pradeshs Vidisha. A video of the incident has surfaced on the internet showing two cops beating the farmers and shouting at them. According to News18, the incident took place in Vidisha town. It said that farmers had gathered there to register themselves under Madhya Pradeshs Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana. But, the duo got into an argument with other farmers standing in a queue to get themselves registered under the scheme. It was after this, a scuffle broke out at the site between the two and others waiting for their turn in the queue. As soon as police learned about the ruckus, they rushed to the site. The cops then pulled the father and son out of the queue and started beating them. Visuals show two cops thrashing the farmers even as they try to get out the polices clutches. The video of the entire incident was caught on camera and has now gone viral on the internet. #BREAKING\/LDi95QmmX2 According to the government, under this scheme, farmers will be compensated for the difference between the minimum support prices (MSP) and the price at which the farmer sold his produce in the mandi.