Ram kadam statement controversy: BJP leader Chandrakant Patil says row should end as his party colleague has apologised

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Senior BJP leader and Maharashtra minister Chandrakant Patil Friday said the controversy surrounding his party colleague Ram Kadams remarks against women should end as the latter has apologised. Patil also advised public representatives saying they need to exercise caution while speaking. Ram Kadam has apologised and the issue should now end. Kadam does not have a history of speaking ill about women. On the contrary, he is known for helping women immensely. Thousands of women in his constituency tie him rakhi every year, Patil told a Marathi news channel. Public representatives should be extremely cautious while speaking and they should properly frame every sentence in their heads before uttering them, the minister added. He said new channels should also try to show the true meaning of what has been spoken. But if what the channels are saying about the remarks is right, the public representative should apologise. In this case, Ram Kadam was not arrogant and he apologised.So the matter should come to an end, Patil said. Kadam, while speaking at an event during dahi handi celebrations in the city, had said hewould kidnap a girl a boy likeseven if she says no to the proposal. You (youngsters) can meet me for any work, he is seen in the video clip, telling the crowd, mainly comprising youth. Kadam was heard saying that he got requests from youngsters to help them after girls rejected their proposals. I will help, 100 per cent. Come (to me) with your parents. What will I do if parents approve (the girl a boy has liked)? I will kidnap the girl concerned and hand her over to you (for marriage), he was heard telling the crowd. Kadam was also heard sharing his mobile number with the crowd. His remarks created a huge controversy as it drew sharp reactions from the opposition parties, Shiv Sena and womens organisations. The Maharashtra State Commission for Women issued a notice to Kadam over his remark. In a video message issued Wednesday, Kadam expressed regret over his remarks saying, I have very high regard for women. Without giving any explanation about the video clip (of his controversial remarks), I express my regret. He also tweeted saying, By doctoring my statements, my political rivals created an atmosphere which has hurt the sentiments of our mothers and sisters. I have already expressed regret over my comments and (I am) once again tendering an apology to all my mothers and sisters.