Punjab labourer wins Rs 1.5 crore on Rs 200 lottery ticket purchased from borrowed money

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Millions of people around the globe purchase lottery tickets each day with a hope to become the next lucky winner. However, not all of their dreams are fulfilled. However, a man from Punjab recently saw a change in his fortunes with some unexpected turn of events. The Punjab-based labourer has won a jackpot of Rs 1.5 crore. The man has been identified as – Manoj Kumar, who is a resident of Sangrurs Mandvi village. Kumar reportedly had to borrow a sum of Rs 200 to purchase the lottery ticket and ended up winning big. He was shocked when the Punjab State lotteries had on August 29, 2018, announced the name of the winners for the Rakhi Bumper. Speaking to HT, Kumar said, I had borrowed money to purchase the ticket. He further said, I had never imagined winning such a big amount in the wildest of dreams.. With this huge money, Kumar hoped to conquer all sorts of troubles including financial one that was affecting his family for a long time. In a similar incident in 2013, a 24-year old Azad Singh, a resident of Punjabs Fatehabad district had won a lottery of Rs1.5 crore. Last week, an Indian man had won a jackpot of US Dollar 1 million Dubai Duty-Free raffle. Earlier, another Indian won a BMW R Nine T Scrambler. In January, an Indian driver had hit a jackpot in Dubai by winning a sum of 12 million dirhams. In 2016, Mofijul Rahima Sheikh, a 22-year old migrant worker from West Bengals Burdwan district had won a jackpot of Rs 1 crore.