BJP issues 65-page guidelines for staffs of MPs, MLAs; asks to maintain ‘friendly’ relations with media personnel

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With several crucial elections coming close, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has issued a list of guidelines for the personal assistants and private secretaries of party MPs and MLAs. According to a report by The Indian Express, the saffron party has asked its workers to keep a tab on new followers in the social media and check their profiles before accepting. It also asked the partys workers to maintain a proper database of social media users who follow the ideology and philosophy of the BJP along with maintaining good relations with media personnel. Always keep the journalists in good humour and maintain a friendly and welcoming tone, the party said. It also instructed the workers not to keep Correspondents\/ Reporters waiting for too long. Don Remember that a PA or PS is not authorised to talk with the media but only coordinate and maintain a good relationship with your office, the guidelines state. The saffron party has asked the assistants of its members not to pass any information or statement to media without the permission of a senior leader. The party also reminds the personal assistants and secretaries that BJP is a party with a difference. Your actions should reflect that we are a party with a difference, says guidebook, as per the report. BJP also asked its associates to provide a favourable image to journalists. Have a very important duty to ensure that the media always gets a favourable image of your office, the guidelines added. These guidelines were issued during a two-day training programme for the personal staff of all partys MPs and MLAs on Thursday in the national capital. The guideline book consists of 65 page and is set to be released during the ongoing training programme. The book has detailed instructions and directives on constituency work, financial management and personal development, usage of funds for MPs and MLAs. The book, issued by the BJPs training department further contained tips for handling complaints from the voters and the public. The guidebook also mentions the core ideas and historical background of the party. It also contains detailed information about Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led central governments different welfare schemes, economic policies etc.