‘Not the only thing spreading dirt’: Rajasthan minister who was caught urinating in public

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Rajasthan Minister Shambhu Singh Khetsar found himself in a fix after a picture showing him urinating in open went viral on social media. The place where Khetsar was seen relieving himself was inches away from a poster of state Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje. Reacting to the incident, Khetsar told news agency ANI that urination is a natural call and the place didnt have urinals nearby. As far as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is concerned, urination alone doesnt contribute to uncleanliness. that place did not have urinals for kilometers at a stretch, Khetsar was quoted as saying by ANI on Twitter. He further defended himself saying he didnt pay attention to the posters stuck on the wall nearby. There was a wall and some posters stuck at some distance on it. I hadnt paid attention, he said. It isnt right to urinate in open but its a natural call. Urinating in a crowded area, is wrong, the minister added. Khatesar, who is the chairman of Rajasthan State Seeds Corporation, further said urinating in the open was Well, the ministers act and remarks come at a time when 27 out of 33 districts in Rajasthan have been declared open-defecation free. The incident took place near a BJP rally venue in Ajmer on Sunday.