Vijay Mallya war heats up: Govt, Opposition blame each other for helping him

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The political war of words over Vijay Mallya On Wednesday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had described Mallya Mallya himself downplayed his claim later to say there was However, after demanding Jaitley The criminal had told him that I am going to run away to London. It has been accepted publicly that he has been told by a criminal that he is going to run away and the Finance Minister has not done anything, has not informed the CBI, and has not informed the ED, Referring to Punia Punia, meanwhile, sought a scrutiny of CCTV tapes to prove his claim. After 5-7 minutes, they sat down and continued talking. Mallya came to Parliament during that session (Budget) only on March 1. He had come to meet Jaitley and they met. It was not a brief meeting. CCTV cameras are installed there. If the CCTV footage of March 1 is checked, it will become clear. After that, either he can leave politics or I will, Gandhi, meanwhile, wanted to know why the Lookout Circular (LoC) notice issued by the CBI against Mallya was downgraded from Responding to the Congress allegations, senior BJP leader and Union Minister Piyush Goyal claimed that the previous Congress-led UPA government had flouted rules and relaxed norms to favour Kingfisher Airlines. Goyal said the UPA started relaxing norms to favour Kingfisher Airlines in 2010 and alleged that the Congress party and its leaders, including then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, were Goyal said that loans were extended to the airlines, According to Goyal, Mallya wrote a letter to Manmohan Singh in October 2011 to seek more help for the airlines. This shows the propensity with which they (Congress) can lie to cover up their sins, Referring to Punia They are repeating their lies,