Mohanlal’s ‘MODIfied’ Waves! Narendra Modi’s ‘positive energy’ continues to inspire me, says the actor

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Actor Mohanlals latest blog post titled MODIfied Waves shares several details of the meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of Janmashtami. The meeting had triggered speculations on social media as to whether Malayalam cinemas super star is contemplating an entry into Kerala politics with the support of the BJP. Putting all speculations to rest, Mohanlals latest blog post refers to the meeting and talks about how it was a personal one that had little to do with politics. The actor refers to their meeting in the context of the activities of the ViswaSanthi Foundation that he has recently begun, in the name of his parents. Mohanlal also states in his blog post, Even three weeks after meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, I still feel his positive energy. He is the most patient listener I have met in my entire life. He listened patiently to everything that I said. My Latest Blog: MODIfied Waves Prayers for your good health and lots of energy for your relentless work. @PMOIndia #HappyBdayPMModi\/brS2aA1yMt I briefed the Prime Minister about the Sanskrit one-act play that I had acted in Karnabharam and about the honorary rank that I hold as the Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army of India. The Prime Minister spoke about a range of topics but nothing related to politics. READ: Mohanlal The meeting was based on an earlier request that I had put in to meet the Prime Minister. In the meeting, nothing relating to politics was discussed. Actor Mohalal also wrote, It amazed me that the Prime Minister is aware about even the smallest details pertaining to Kerala. PM Narendra Modi made it clear that his support is always there for any initiative that relates to Kerala. When he spoke, he came across as a citizen who is working on several good initiatives. That appealed a lot to me. When the meeting had concluded, the actor reveals that Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended a warm assurance to him in the following words, You can meet me anytime. These were not mere formal words. I could feel the sincerity with which the Prime Minister spoke these words. Perhaps, this is his way of motivating me to continue with the seva initiatives, the actor adds. Actor Mohanlal-led ViswaSanthi Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that is currently focused on bringing developmental changes in the fields of healthcare and education. On its website, the Foundation states that it is committed to improving lives and aims to function as an independent agent of change.