Assam NRC: Applicant will not be allowed to change legacy person in claim form, says official

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An applicant for inclusion of name in the National Register of Citizens (NRC) will not be allowed to change the legacy person in the claim form from the originally submitted form in 2015, an NRC official said here Sunday. A claim can be submitted for re-consideration of eligibility based on documents already submitted or it can be submitted with additional List A or List B documents, the NRC official said here. There is no need to re-submit the documents submitted earlier but if additional documents are required to be submitted, then any one or more of the 10 documents listed by the Supreme Court, under whose supervision the NRC is being updated, must be submitted. The documents, which must be dated before March 24, 1971, include land documents like registered sale deed, records of land, permanent residential certificate issued from outside the state, passport issued, LIC policy, license The other include documents showing service\/ employment under government\/public sector undertaking, bank\/post office accounts, educational certificates issued by Boards\/ Universities, records\/processes pertaining to Court mprovided they are part of a proceedings in a Judicial or Revenue Court. The claim form displays the list of all 15 List A documents for the purpose of quoting but only 10 documents as mentioned above will be accepted at present, the official added. The five documents-the 1959 NRC, Citizenship Certificate, refugee registration certificate, ration card and electoral roll upto March 24, 1971 will not be accepted now as the matter is currently pending with the Supreme Court and the next hearing on the matter is scheduled for October 23. The process of claim and objections to the draft NRC began on September 25 last and was scheduled to be open for 60 days till November 23. Claims can be filed by only those persons who submitted NRC application form till August 31, 2015 and were issued a valid Application Receipt Number (ARN) while objection can be filed by any person. Claims can only be submitted at the NRC Seva Kendra (NSK) where the claimant had submitted the application form earlier even if there has been a change of address since then while objections can be submitted only at the NSK covering the residence of the person against whom the objection has been submitted. Claim can also be accepted for inclusion by correction of any person or their descendant earlier declared as D (Doubtful) Voter or declared foreigner have been declared Indian citizen by judicial authority or Foreigner Tribunals but their names are not included in the draft NRC and for this a different form will be used. The process for corrections in spellings of names and others will be taken up later as now only the process for receipt of claims and objections about inclusion\/exclusion have started. The draft NRC published on July 30 included the names of 2.9 crore people out of a total applications of 3.29 crore while the first draft published during the intervening nights of December 31 and January one contained 1.9 crore names.