2 India Gate parks to be fenced to maintain ‘design uniformity’

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The Central Public Works Department (CPWD), which maintains the area around the India Gate, has started erecting five-foot fence around two nearby parks to ensure uniformity in design, which has been affected by the upcoming war memorial there. Officials have, however, clarified that the move was not aimed at restricting entry of visitors. An official of the CPWD said that all six parks near the India Gate will be getting fenced as part of the agencys efforts to maintain uniformity in design due to work on the National War Memorial. According to the official, out of six parks inside the C-hexagon area, three are being taken up for the war memorial while there is children park in number four park. Three parks (number 1 to 3), which are being taken up for the work on war memorial, will also get fenced. Children park (number 4) is already fenced. Work is underway in remaining parks (number 5 and 6) for five-foot fence to ensure uniformity in design of the area, he said. The fence does not put any restriction on visitors entry. This is being done because of uniform design, he added.