Bengaluru’s burglars from Colombia: From MBA to clothing store owner, don’t miss story of 5

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The story of a gang of not so fantastic five from Colombia could inspire writers to come up with a script for heist film based of their deeds. has carried out a series of burglaries at posh south Bengaluru. Month after after arriving in the city, the gang, which include a female member, had reportedly carried out a series of burglaries at posh south Bengaluru residences. The five perpetrators have been identified as Jose Eduardo Arivalo Burbano (40), Gustavo Adolpho Jaramillo Giraldo (47), Yair Alberto Sanchez alias Rozer Smith Duarte (45), and Eduardo Alexis Garcia Peramo (38) and his girlfriend Kimberly Guiterrez (30). Members of the gang have been arrested and investigations threw up a few startling details. Plan in Mexico Everything started five months back when Colombians came to know each other at a restaurant in Mexico. They had planned to carry out burglaries and planned to enter India on tourist visas. Two of the perpetrators had committed such crimes in Bengaluru in 2016. That time they managed to decam with gold and jewellery worth Rs 40 lakh from the residence of former MLA Venkatashiva Reddy Srinivasapura in Kolar. It has been learnt that they used to survey residential localities where residents were away. They also used GPS to locate the residences later. The only girl in the gang Kimberley to ring door bells to find out if anyone was inside. She used to alert others over walkie-talkie if no one replied. After getting the green signal from the Kimberley, three men used to commit the burglary while the woman, wearing head scarves and spectacles, stood guard outside the house. The fifth gang-member waited inside a car at a safe distance. Yair Sanchez, Eduardo Alexis and Kimberly had stayed at a fully furnished duplex villa in Bengaluru which they rented via international online accommodation booking service Airbnb. Jose Eduardo and Gustavo Giraldo arrived separately and checked into a service apartment in the city. Four of them had knowledge about Spanish. One of the member was an MBA released from a Colombian jail after serving 16 years for his role in two murders. 40-year-old Jose Eduardo Arivalo Burbano was the leader of the gang. He a high-school dropout and owns a wholesale clothing store in Bogota. He is reported to have spent five months in jail in Colombia for illegal possession of arms. Gustavo was and MBA and served a 16-year jail term from 1996 to 2012 for his role in the murders of a policeman Yair is the only English-speaking member of the gang and had studied in High School in New York. Eduardo and his girlfriend were the other two members of the gang.